Get Out and See The World


Pack up the car and go. Hit the trail and find your escape. Grab your board in search of a good break. In the Pacific Northwest, it’s all about getting outside and leaving distractions behind. It’s a lifestyle where success is measured not in possessions but in connections with nature. This is where Rafters® was born.

Forged from the fiery pits of thirty years and three generations of retail know-how, The Rafters team was founded on a solid base of product expertise and love of nature. With innovative methods of production using recycled materials and ecology-minded business practices, they take pride in producing high quality footwear you can feel good about. They know how important it is to take care of the environment because enjoying the outdoors is what they’re all about. Despite these high product standards, Rafters makes a priority of offering durable and high-quality footwear at an affordable price across a spectrum of styles from tough outdoor sandals, to water shoes, to casual flip-flops.

For those looking to get out more often and see the world, it’s never been easier than with a pair of Rafters on your feet.

Couple sitting on sand