Adventure Awaits


The tools NEMO uses to design and develop products reflect the company’s commitment to process and belief in the necessity of both design thinking and engineering. Ideas for new products begin with having real experiences in adventure. A passion for adventure is an absolute prerequisite for being part of the team. Observations of shortcomings in existing equipment turn into sketches back in the office. The goal of brainstorming is always to come up with ideas that will improve the experience of adventure. Ideas are refined with an iterative exchange between CAD and physical models, and a story begins to take shape as to how the product will contribute to the experience and the brand.

NEMO takes full responsibility for every detail of its products. Unlike so many brands these days, everything creative is done in-house. The design team at NEMO works on these key principles: never bring anything to market that isn’t significantly better than what’s already available; own every detail; be proud of everything you do.