Regional Sales Director and Brand Manager

Brandon Carlile

The Wasatch Mountains are where I was born and raised and spent nearly all my time in the surrounding peaks and desert canyons of Redrock country. It was an obvious path to work in the outdoor industry and it’s been 20 years + of doing so. After a significant stretch with Arc’teryx in roles from Rockies and CA sales rep and US Sales Manager to opening Latin America as the LatAM Sales Director, based in Mexico City,  it came time to keep moving. And Waypoint was calling.
Managing Sunski for the US as well as BioLite in the Southwest has brought me to another mecca of outdoor, Santa Cruz, CA. Trading Skis for Surfboards, Redrocks for Redwoods and down jackets for Sunglasses has been a perfect continuation on the path of living the Outdoor lifestyle.

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Brandon Carlile

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